Tuesday, November 8


so, my house is nearly 40 years old and apparently it was really cool to have a stained glass door for you home at that time.  yellow and orange stained glass, to be exact.  when we first moved in i swore the front door would be quickly changed out.  i hated it!  i thought it was hideous.  someone prior to us had painted the door a  forest green color.  it sooo didn't look right with the yellow and orange stained glass. you can see a peak of it in the picture.

ugly, right?  i hated welcoming guests to our home through that door.  we even had a repairman laugh at our door!!   he LAUGHED people!  the only people who liked it were my brother and his wife...and i thought they were crazy to be honest.

but time moved on and four years after we moved in i realized i was never going to buy a new door.  we would need to order a custom size since the opening is not standard and i'd rather use the money towards something else in the house.  so i decided to paint it a prettier, happier green.  and i love it!  others may hate it, but now i am in LOVE with my stained glass door!

i think the apple green embraces the quirkiness of the stained glass.  honestly, you can't find doors like this at the big box stores, now can you?  (some of you may think that's a good thing, too!)  

i ordered the "hello" from back 40 life on etsy.  they made a custom sign for me and were FABULOUS to work with.  i highly recommend them.  i'm loving my "new" door, it makes me happy.  plus, it was WAY cheaper than buying a new door.  i even decided i like the original hammered handle that i used to want to replace.  it's amazing what paint can do!

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