Thursday, May 5

new pjs for the little one

i bought that striped knit fabric to make a layette for my youngest son before he was born.  i finally cut into in about a year ago to make him some pajama pants.  i finished the pair of pajama pants a couple of weeks ago.  i'm not saying it took so long because i misplaced the pants in my sewing stash jumble, or anything like that.

i made a cheater shirt by stitching an "i" to the front for "ian" on a store bought shirt.  it's not a stick person missing their arms and legs like my daughter thought.   and yes, i've been playing around with photoshop actions.

on a side note, that cute little guy in his gammies said with a hard "g" sound and wearing a crash helmet cause he's cool like that has a fun little habit of reciting berenstain books at random times.

"hey, clem!  hey, shem!  git out the rope!"

"sugar balls and choco chums"

"farmer ben's not such a much"

"beat the pants off"

"phooey on division"

"get your dopey face out of my face"  yeah, thanks for THAT one berenstain bears.

"junk!  my teddy's not junk"

total coolness points go to anyone who can name the books where all the quotes come from.  i love that kid, he's so funny.


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