Monday, January 3

handmade presents

This year for Christmas I added a lot of handmade gifts to our list.  I'm always hesitant to make gifts because I don't want to seem cheap.  Which is SO crazy since I know people give my items as gifts!!  If they are good enough for strangers, then they're good enough for my family, right?!

I made this cute little superhero cape for my 3 year old nephew.  LOVE how it turned out!!  Isn't the cutest?
I wish I had a taken a picture of on him at Christmas, but I didn't think about it.  Oh well.  He looked cute and strong and brave like any good superhero should. ;)  The flip side is orange.  Hmmm, looking at the picture I now wish I had taken a better picture of it...Just trust me, it was stinkin' cute.

The kids made the next gift.  They each made a stepping stone for a set of grandparents.

I also made some bibs, a library bag, dish towels, and a bunch of zipper pouches with tissue cozies, and note cards.  But, I didn't get any pictures of those!  

Maybe a New Year's resolution of mine should be to take more pictures.


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