Thursday, December 16

Another Goodwill lamp find

I needed a lamp in my living room something fierce.  Being the frugal girl I am, I headed straight to the Goodwill to find a table lamp.  I had such good luck last time and luckily this time I was not disappointed!  I found a nice big, but not too big, table lamp for $4!!  That's FOUR dollars!  I did have to buy a shade at Target and about choked when I had to spend $12 but I really wanted the drum shade.

I KNOW I took a "before" shot of this lamp.  I just KNOW I did.  But, I can't find it anywhere.  It was one of those typical white and brass deals that aren't very pretty.  (So sorry to anyone reading this and has that type in their home!!)

A quick spray of primer, a coat of turquoise, and then make a few rosettes for the shade and just LOOK at her!  Isn't she beautiful? :)

 I just LOVE the rosette details!!

And this little guy just makes me happy!  I just want to show him off. :)


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