Wednesday, October 13

my laundry room...before and after

I meant to do post this last week when I talked about laundry, but I got busy and never got around to doing it.  So we're doing it now, ok?

I dug around all our external hard drives (we have a lot, does everybody?) and found the picture of our laundry room before we moved in.
Drab and boring, isn't it?  I mean, the laundry is drudgery enough could you imagine if you had to look at those dark cabinets doing it?  I hate doing laundry, so if i have to do it (and I do) then I might as well make the room as happy and princess-like as possible.

I've shown some pictures of my laundry room, but I've tweaked the decor a little and now it looks like this:

Now, isn't that a much happier place to sort your whites from your darks?  It's amazing what a little paint can do!  We painted the cabinets a bright white and the walls a soft lavender.  I remember the guy at the paint mixing counter thought this was for my daughters room.  Um, no.  It gave me a moment of hesitation because I didn't want it took child like, just girly.  I'm soooo glad I went with it! I love color and I love a little whimsy.
I hung my collection of vintage aprons on the wall, but eventually I'd like more hooks I think to show them off.  I've got some really cute ones, and I didn't have to buy a one of them.  They were all gifts, how nice is that?!
 See that cute little framed fabric dress? I made that.  The frame was this hideous green and gold looking thing that was bound for Goodwill.  Then I had the idea to spray paint it pink and pop in a little fabric art.  Cute, if I do say so myself.  I even stitched up that little hanger!
The little decals I bought on Etsy and I love the glass knobs.  

More happiness here.  I made the wall hanging to cover my fuse box.  I wasn't about to let that ugly gray thing ruin my laundry room.  (The sour cleaning cloths I let sit in there too long before washing already does that!)  

The chandelier is THE best part!  I bought in online somewhere for a steal and I sadly can't remember where from.  Nothing is better at making you feel all princess-like than a chandelier casting a lovely glow down on you while you're putting dirty underwear in the washer.  And please notice my "wash/dry" instructions in case anyone is in doubt as to what to do.

So that's that.  While I wouldn't mind laundry room being a tad bit bigger, it still is a room that makes me happy.  Which is surprising considering just how much I hate doing the laundry.   :)


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