Monday, August 30

Mirror Revamp

I think I've mentioned before that we're pretty frugal around here, you might even call us cheap but that would be tacky so please don't.  When I was redoing the kids rooms, I spent a morning or two scrouring our local Goodwill stores looking for shelves and picture frames.  I came across this mirror for $2.49!  I knew instantly it would make a great mirror in my daughter's room.

First, I covered the mirror with painters tape and paper.  Take your time getting in the corners.

Give it a good coat of spray paint, I choose white. Then I attached a pretty ribbon to the back. I just used thumbtacks, but you could staple or glue it.  Then, I added a shabby chic fabric rosette to give it a little more "something."  Then I made sure to hang at my daughter's height. :)
Do not notice the messy room in the background.  But do notice one of the sources, you can see the baby dumping out a box of his sisters beads onto the floor.  I'm starting to question why I would put the two messiest people in the house in the same room!

To make the flower rosette, tear a piece of fabric about 1.5 inches wide and 44 inches in length.  Sew a long basting stitch down one side, pull on a thread until the fabric draws up into a ruffle, twist into a flower shape and stitch on a button catching all layers to secure.  If you don't have fabric, you could use ribbon, or a even a fake flower with the stem snipped off.  

I love the mirror and so does my daughter!

I'm linking up to Transformation Thursday. :)


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