Monday, April 12

a letter of love to my son

Well, it's sneak preview of the letter I'm "writing." I'm writing this letter with the instruments I know well. It's one of the best ways for me to express myself.  I have begun my first quilt for the oldest child.

As much as I hate to admit it, one day I will have to leave my son. I don't know when that day will be, but I know one day I will die and have to leave him here on this earth to fend for himself. Hopefully that day won't happen until I've at least hugged and loved all over his grandchildren, but that day will come nonetheless. It comes to us all.

This quilt will hopefully remind him always that he was loved, completely and thoroughly, by his mama. One day, I won't be there to calm his fears, to comfort his sorrows away, to laugh at the fun moments, and to contemplate the peaceful ones. But, I do hope that he will always feel me in his heart when those moments come. 

This quilt will keep him warm as a child while I'm still in the next room listening to him sleep. It might become a picnic blanket where he proposes to his future wife. This quilt might one day be the place my grandchildren learn to crawl. It might be the one his family uses to curl up in on a cold winter's night or it might become a tent as it's thrown over a table for his grandchildren to play under. And one day, when he's old and he's lived his 100 years, maybe his granddaughter will spread this quilt over him to keep him warm as he lives out his final days. And then, at the moment, I hope he will remember my arms around him keeping him safe, my kisses on his cheek because I love him so, my laughter at his silly jokes.  He will know, that I'm just on the other side of Heaven waiting for him and I hope that makes him smile.  All this, from a simple handmade quilt.

(I cry just thinking about this, I love him so!)


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