Monday, February 8

you know, I don't hate Mondays

It's odd, isn't it, that I don't hate Mondays.  I mean, everybody and their mama hates Monday, right?  Well, not this mama.  To me it's fresh start, a new beginning, a week full of possibilities.  Like starting that first cup of coffee, holding a fresh uncut yard of fabric, cracking the spine of a new book or opening a new bottle of shampoo.  You just never know great it can end.  (Did I lose you on the shampoo, part?  I can't be the only person who loves the freshness of a new bottle.)

Mondays are my wash the sheets day, so I know I'll sleep good.  Mondays are my clean the house day, so I know that the short time between the baby nap and the kids getting off the bus my house will be clean.  Mondays are my putting together a new plan action for the business week so I can pretend for now that I will find the time to sew fabulous new things, blog everyday, and make loads of sales.   Right now, I'm feeling just giddy thinking about how great this week will be!  

Of course, come Friday I may be thinking that I'm glad this week is over.

Do you like my picture of my cleaning cloths?   I thought I'd show them in all their washed, but highly stained, glory.  I made them with leftover cloth diaper materials and I looove them!   Not only am I being a good steward of God's beautiful earth, but I'm also being a good steward of my money.  Score!  Go to this post at Simple Mom for more ideas and reasons to switch to cloth instead of paper.


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