Tuesday, January 19

I was so crafty this weekend

I'm so proud of myself!  Not only did I start some crafts, I completed them, which is a big major GINORMOUS accomplishment for me.  First up I whipped up some super cute decorative balls out of styrofoam.              

For the fabric ball, I simply tore strips of fabric into 1 inch wide swaths and crisscrossed it around, hot gluing the ends.   The large balls are simply jute coiled around and glued every so often.  I made the seed ball by gluing black beans all around and then spray painted the whole thing black.  I love how they turned out and they look so stinking cute in my metal bird cage!

The second project was to make table topper for the dresser in my dining room.  (Yes, I have a dresser in my dining room.  It's great for storage, so there.)  I had a small remnant of white linen that was just simply begging to be used.  I attached some pretty black print to each side and embroidered a simple swirl in the middle.  This makes me SO HAPPY!


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