Friday, January 8

a good read

I love to read.  I mean I LOVE to read.  I love it more than sewing, but sadly I don't get paid to read.   Honestly, I think I might even be addicted to reading because it's impossible for me to fall asleep unless I've read a book.  Magazines won't cut it for me.  You should see me some nights frantically searching for a book to read!  I'm like a junkie when I don't have a fresh read on my nightstand...seriously.

Which brings me to this post.  I thought I would share the books I read with all of you lovely blog readers.  I won't just share the good ones either, I'll be honest if I thought a book was pure dribble.  And I'll try not to give away all the good stuff.  I swear, I think book jackets go too far sometimes describing the plot.  Is anyone else with me on that one?

So here goes, the first book I finished this year was The Bright Forever by Lee Martin.  I think I read it in a few days.  I could NOT  put it down.  

On a normal summer evening in a small town set back in the 1970's a little girl goes missing.  Being a mom, I can't think of anything more horrific.  I usually shy away from books with such morbid plots, but this one really intrigued me.  Plus, I liked the cover.  Call me a Shallow Reader, I don't care.  Very quickly into the story I got the gist of "who done it" but as the book progresses you realize you have a lot of unanswered questions.  Martin unveils the story by switching from the first person of the different main characters and then into the third person.  As your switching between characters, you're also switching between time.  So as you read, the story doesn't unfold neatly and in order.  Instead, you get different pieces to the puzzle that don't always seem to fit together.  A technique that doesn't always work, but Martin really pulls it off.  As I closed the book with the full story laid out in front of me, I'm still haunted by one character.  How well do you know the people in your community, but most importantly, how well do you know the dark inner parts of you own mind.

I say go read this one.  :)


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