Monday, January 4

Christmas presents

Is it really the first Monday of the New Year?  I thought this would be back to old grind kind of day but I didn't factor in my oldest staying home because of some uncontrolled athma attacks.  But, no fear, we're getting it fixed and he's loving it since he's home from school!   At least I get to ease myself back into the routine after my husband and kids home for over 2 weeks. 

I had to wait to share these projects on the off chance my family might read my blog.  :)  I made a quilt for my dad and really like it turned out.  Yes, it's simple but it's the first quilt I've giving away.  I wanted my dad to be the first, because Dads seem to get shafted with presents since so many gifts are geared to women.  On the flip side, by the time I make one for my mom I'll be a more experienced quilter.  It seems poor Dad'll get shafted either way!

Then, I made this sweet little bag for my niece.  So cute!  The bag and my niece, that is. 


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