Friday, January 2

Starting her young

My daughter Natalie loves to "help" me sew, but I'm always worried she's going to get her finger (or mine!) underneath the needle. She's only 4. I came across this cute Hello Kitty chainstitch sewing machine designed for kids. It has a cover over the needle so there's no worry about updating tetanus shots. Of course, I had to snatch it up for her Christmas. She was so excited about it and started going on and on about what she wanted to make with it; bibs for her brother, blankets, pillows, and bags. All of which she wants to put online to sell. How sweet is that! Here's the first project. It's a pillow for her baby dolls. She picked out the fabric from my scraps, decided how big she wanted it, and sewed it up. The only thing I did was close up the opening after she stuffed it. I need to find my big needles for her so she can close it up on her own.

She did cut enough fabric for a second pillow. But sadly, Natalie is like her mama and gets distracted so easily! She already has a WIP pile.


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