Thursday, February 21

new pillow!

i was lamenting last night on facebook the difficulty of sewing with knit fabrics.  is anyone else with me on this?! several years ago, i did make my youngest son the cutest and comfiest pj pants out of a nice, thick, easy to work with knit.  he loved them and wore them forever.  he looked so precious in those pants!  and then feeling all confident or something, i thought i'd make myself a knit skirt.  i had several from old navy, i think they called them yoga skirts, and i live out of these type of skirts in the summer.  i figured it'd be fun and easy to make one just like it, i mean i DID make the pj pants. 

i managed to make one even though i had my doubts about the quality.  you know, it looked handmade and not in the cool, indie handmade kind of way.   i even wore it one time to an outdoor concert with the hubbby.  it was a not a "good outfit" night for me, esp. with the shirt i had paired it with.  the man taking the ticket thought i was his defense i do have a large abdominal separation and look perpetually 5 months pregnant, but still it's never cool to look pregnant when you are not pregnant.  that comment, along with the most massive pimple smack dab between my eyes that night just seemed to taint the whole outfit!  i haven't been able to wear the skirt or shirt ever again.  they were banished from the wardrobe rotation forever. 

but i loved the color and feel of the knit i made the skirt from and hated to just throw it away. so i sat on the fabric for a good year until i thought i'd try my hand at knits again, this time in  a pillow.

oh, i love it so!  i'm so glad i didn't "chuck it in the river"  like i wanted to do.  stitching the knit "shags" were super easy, mainly because i cheated.  i sewed the strips onto a knit background and knowing how slippery it would i ironed on some interfacing to the back making it nice and stable.  the problems came sewing the knit front to the knit back pieces.  luckily, the picture doesn't show the poor seams nor does it show the big hole i was able to hide in the seam allowance luckily.  nor does it show the huffing and puffing sounds i made trying to sew it.  if i were ever to do this again, i'd definitely use a user friendly cotton as the background. and i highly recommend that to anyone wanting to make a similar pillow unless you're just one of those freaks of nature who can bend the evil knits to their will.  unlike me.   

i give this pillow about 24 hours before my daughter sneaks it for her own bed.  i do love it now so much more than when it was a skirt.


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