Friday, October 14

chick magnet

my kids crack me up.  i think they are so funny!  take today for example...

i told the sister girl that i would meet her for lunch at school today.  i love going to lunch at my kids school, because i feel like such a rock star.  everybody wants to sit with you, all the kids point and say that's natalie's mom, kids try to walk by while we eat.

i mean, i know they do that whenever any parent comes to eat, but i like to pretend that it's just for me.  okay?  let me just have my delusions of grandeur.

so i bring along the little boy who shows up in his galoshes and soccer shorts toting a lightning mcqueen lunchbox that carried more than his lunch.  when i wasn't looking he had also packed up 3 nintendo ds games, a plastic frog, and his special blankie.  needless to say, he was a hit amongst the second graders!

when all the kiddos came home from school, i asked the big brother if he would still ever want me to come for lunch.  i mean, i wasn't sure if in 5th grade if i still would have the rock star status or if it would be more like "dude, why is your mom here?"  but he hesitantly agreed that it would be okay but didn't seem to sure about the coolness factor.  i wanted to give him one more out in case he was only letting me come so as not to hurt my feelings.  so i told him i wasn't going to bring any fast food meals anymore like i've done in the past, it would just be me and the little brother eating lunch in his galoshes.  that's when sister girl chimes in "yeah, everybody loved ian."

that's when the big brother thinks a minutes, and says "yeah, bring him.  the girls will love him.  i could pick up a lot of girls that way."

cracked me up.



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