Friday, September 9


sometimes, the only private time i get is when i'm playing hide-and-seek.

but that's okay.  i know that these days of hide-and-seek, snuggles in the morning, playing candyland, and singing old macdonald with my three year old will be over and gone before i know it.  the days when my oldest tells me who is the pretty girl in class will not always last.  now i can comfort my daughter with a hug, kiss and a tickle, but i won't be able to do that always.  i don't always treasure these days like i should.  sometimes i'm so busy thinking about what i want to do.  about how i want to spend my time.  about things i need to do...  that i forget that these precious days are fleeting.  

though, some days i'm tempted to find really hard hiding places just to have that extra few minutes.


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