Friday, August 26

updated foyer

one of my birthday goals is to repaint my dining room/living room/foyer area.  the paint is a beautiful dark green.  the rooms don’t get much natural light so it’s like a dungeon in there for most of  the days despite the large windows.  it’s all the darn tall trees that i love in the spring and summer but hate in the fall.
i painted my dining room a little while ago if you recall, and now i’ve painted my foyer.
this was the rare time of day i actually get good light so it looks pretty and bright in the picture, but trust me the majority of the day it’s a little dark.  not as dark as the dining room, mind you, but still dark enough to be depressing.
here’s the after
the pictures aren’t as dramatic as the dining room, but i’m really really happy with the color change.  you can see the old color that’s still in the living room reflected in the mirror.
i made the artwork out of fabric using an old canvas from my husbands college days.  it’s been in the garage and has traveled with him from place to place for 12 years or so.  unwrapped.  i’ve never seen my husband paint before.   love that i didn’t have to go buy one and that i finally put the canvas to good use.  i took the inspiration from the pleated poppy’s post.  it dawned on me while i was working on this that the design is the same as one of my favorite quilt patterns called the orange peel i found in an old quilt book.

another angle.  i used to hate my stained glass door, but it’s slowly growing on me.  it only took 3 years to learn to appreciate it’s vintage glory.  (our home is nearly 40 years old)  i repainted the table with a strawberry red (i swear it’s not pink!)  and kind of distressed the edges a bit.  the yellow pail i picked up at the flea market for $5.  i put some very old quilts of my grandmother inside.  there were some of her first and are pretty worn out.  they are not exactly something you want to snuggle up to seeing that they are frayed something fierce, but i love to display them none the less.  i’ve since added a practice quilt of my own which fills out the pail just nicely.  the brown box underneath was also a flea market find.  it holds all my husbands computer cords and hard drives and anything else of his that i don’t know what to do with. 

the sign is above the doorway that leads to the den.  i love it.  i bought the sign here.

the print is just inside by the yellow stained glass door, which is why the coloring is a little wonky.  i bought it here many years ago.  she doesn’t sell it anymore.  i love it.

the best part is i didn't have to buy anything new.   i even already had the paint from when i painted the dining room.  so it was like it was free!

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