Wednesday, June 29

pieced together party favors

I admit the cynical part of me thinks, I'm inviting you to come to the pool, paying your way, feeding you pizza, and feeding you yummy birthday brownies, with homemade lemonade no I really NEED to give you a goody bag too?!  Doesn't that make me sound terrible?!

But I don't want to be THAT parent...the one whose poor child is too embarrassed to tell her friends there are no favor bags to send home with them from the birthday party.  So I give out nice little gifts but appease myself by making them on the cheap.

the birthday girl!  

One year I did crayon rolls, another I made homemade stickers and put together little notebooks, this year I threw together a hodgepodge of items.

We made a sweet little bubblegum bracelet.  My daughter and I raided her bubblegum machine for this project and I already had the ribbon on hand.  To make them simply thread the ribbon through the bubble gum and knot on between each gumball.  Easy!

I then picked up some fun fingernail polish at Target ($.84 each!).  I whipped up a little personalized label and there you go.

The most time consuming was making the rosette flower barrettes.  But, I had the fabric, the hot glue gun, and the I figured why not?  I think they are so precious!

I impressed a bunch of 6 and 7 year old little girls and my daughter was proud to hand out the little favor bags.  Total success!  And it cost me less than $5 for 5 treat bags, woohoo!


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