Wednesday, October 28


Today is the first day the sun has peeked out in awhile. Glorious! It's amazing how the sun, or lack thereof can really affect your mood. So in honor of the beautiful sunshine beaming down on my house, I'm posting some fav yellow things of mine that have turned up at my house.

First, if you've ever read my profile at my original etsy shop you'll read about my first sewing experience making a fuzzy yellow pillow. I knew my mom had kept it and it was somewhere stored away at the house. I see my mom over the weekend and she hands me a big "bag o' stuff" from my college years. I get home, reach into the bag, and, oh yeah, there's the pillow. I guess she found it and decided to surprise me with it. So here it is, the infamous pillow. :)

Look at that stitching! I'm surprised it's stayed together for 20 odd years. I promise my sewing skills have improved since then. :)

The next yellow, is this fabulous muffin bakeware I bought off QVC. I'm not one to watch or buy off QVC, but my mom who is not one to buy off QVC either did happen upon some fabulous bakeware. When I saw this, I had to have it. But now I realize I need another set because I bake all my muffins in sets of 12, not six. I'm thinking Christmas present to me....

And, last but not least...


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