Monday, June 1

signs, signs, and more signs

"framed" modern art at the hotel

I thought I was alone in the "sign phenomenon." You know, as in handwritten paper signs. I'll turn around and a sign made out of copy paper written with a child's hand just seems to appear on the wall. What do these signs say, you ask? Well, they could be about announcements for upcoming music concerts to take place in 30 minutes in the living room. Or a keep out sign on the boys room or a keep out for the little girl's room written by the big brother. (that one ALWAYS makes me smile, such irony!) We even have had "lost dog" signs creep up, but we don't have a dog.

Then the other day I read a post on the Soule Mama blog, that made me realize I'm not the only one having their walls papered in signs. I thought I'd share some of our latest signs. Apparently, I'm living in a hotel, now.

my sewing room sadly my items aren't worth $5

...if only....

at least the diner's room gets rave reviews!

in case you get lost

And, yes, we had a long talk about not using thumbtacks in all the walls!


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