Wednesday, May 27

i haven't fallen off the face of the earth!

I swear, I haven't! I've just been so incredibly busy. But the kids are all in their rooms "resting", yeah right, so I have a moment to spare. The big thing I've been busy with is going through our home reducing our amount of stuff and just making sure that everything in here is something I love. I've also been creating things for our home which I hadn't done in ages due to being so busy with Etsy. I started in our foyer since that is the first thing people see when they enter my home. I replaced a bulky black dresser with a smaller open table that I painted white. I just picked it up at one of those unfinished furniture stores. Love those! Then I made this little table topper from my scraps to go on top. I wish it had came out a little larger, but oh well, I still really like it. Plus, it was a great way to get more practice in machine quilting. I'm still new at stippling. I used this pattern except I made it with smaller squares (2.5 x2.5 inches) and I only used one randomly placed line of ric rac because I didn't find my stash of it until I had finished the quilt.
Don't you love the little birdie!

Then I started going through the front closet trying to weed out everything I didn't need. The plan was to sell the stuff on Craigslist. Well, I posted things, and I had some nibbles but no bites. I started mentally to get bogged down in the whole process that I had trouble finding motivation to finish. I finally decided that I don't need the $20 I MIGHT be able to make off my old prom dress. I have no sentimental attatchment to the thing. I don't need to the $5 I COULD make off the plastic thread organizer I never used. Or the ugly tablecloth I was given or the one that I bought a long time ago and have no use for.

So, I told my husband it's not worth me trying to sell this stuff. I'm just going to give it all away.

And, ahhh, it feels so much better now.

I can move on to other projects now that I don't have the mental block against getting rid of any clutter. I just give it away to Goodwill and I move on.


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