Tuesday, November 25

Who's an idiot?

I'm an ididot. For months now, I've been unable to log into my flick account. I had forgotten the password. I kept trying to log in with different codes and nothing, abosoutely nothing. I had emailed yahoo and I had emailed flickr, and nothing was resolved. I never heard back from yahoo and flickr just redirected me back to yahoo. I was getting really peeved. I mean I didn't want to have to start a new one and build back contacts and what not.

Well, I set up a new yahoo account and then attempted to create a new flickr account anyways. And lo and behold when I used my email flickr gave a message that it was already in use with "******" username. AUGHH, I had been typing in the wrong username for months! So, I quickly went and tried the CORRECT username with my password and YES, it worked!

But, man, I feel bad about all those emails I sent to yahoo. :(


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