Tuesday, October 21

what I did this weekend

I hate those ugly metal fuse box panels. They just stick out like a sore thumb, and I prefer to conceal them. I made my first quilted wall hanging to cover mine! I'm so excited about it. It was fun to come up with a picture in my head and then see it develop into so something stinkin' cute.

I had never done any machine stippling before (the random all over quilt design). It's remarkably easy. I saw somewhere a suggestion to practice by drawing a continuous curving line on paper to get the feel of it. Once I did that, I realized "oh is that all this is"! If you've never tried it before, don't be intimidated, it's hard to mess up completely. I know this isn't perfection and I wasn't trying to make it that way luckily! :) I went for a primitive in approach, yet modern in design look. To stick with that look, I didn't do mitered corners or anything like that when I bound the quilt. I simply attached short strips to each side. Which I'm glad doesn't look out of place on this quilt. I was desperate to finish it Sunday night. I had 30 min. before the kids and husband came home from Awanas at church, the baby was 30 minutes past his feeding time and I was leaking milk. I wouldn't have had time to cut bias strips and miter the corners if I had wanted, too!

Now, my laundry is complete. I'm off to get my dining room done now. I can't wait to show you the dining room chairs when I'm done recovering them!


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