Thursday, October 9

scaling back

I mean, I had only just started trying to come back after the baby when I had to come to a tough decision. I'm going to have to scale back on my etsy shop for another month at least. My house needs some love and attention. We never really got settled the way I want to to since we moved in back in February. With the fatigue from the pregnancy I never got to create the home I wanted.

Home should be a haven, a rest stop, a safe place to land. Mine is none of those things. Paint needs to be complete, pictures need hanging, pillows need sewing, chairs need recovering, organization needs to take place. I want a place I feel proud of, and right now I hate for people to come into my home. It doesn't reflect me or my personality. And I don't want to live that way any longer. I'll have to update the progress as I go along.

A Scene from the Breakfast table.

Mom: Ok kids, I'm going to get into the shower. Do you need anything?

Kids: No

Mom walks to the back of the house and gets the shower hot.
Screams of bloody murder erupt in the dining room where the kids are eating breakfast. Mom, fearing the worst, runs through the house and finds her 4 yr old screaming and crying hysterically. Assessing the situation, she sees the 7 yr old boy looking alarmed and Mom realizes he hasn't done anything. The girl is not bleeding or hurt, she's in fact sitting at the table in front of her breakfast where Mom left her.

Mom: Natalie, what's the matter?

Natalie: (crying) The butter melted on my biscuit! I didn't want the butter to melt on my biscuit!

Mom: For crying out loud.

And then she realizes that is in fact what the child did.


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