Monday, October 6

One month along

I can't believe Ian is a month already. It seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital just giving birth. In the hospital, not doing a load of dirty diapers every day. In the hospital, not trying to get kids dressed, baby fed, lunch packed, shoes found before school starts. In the hospital, not having to fix breakfast, fix snack, make lunch, one more snack, another snack for the son home from school, oh and then prepare dinner. In the hospital, not having to clean the house which seems to multiply in stuff every hour. ( I swear, school papers are like rabbits! They just keep breeding.)

Did I mention that all that and more needs to be done when my sweet precious babe isn't nursing for full feedings every two hours.

Sigh, it's not that I want to be back in the hospital. It's just that it was so much easier.


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