Wednesday, August 6


We just got back from a much needed vacation. I'm glad we were able to squeeze one in before the baby comes. Of course, my son had to miss a week of school to do it, but I have a feeling he didn't mind a bit. We joined my parents, my oldest brother and his in-laws down in Ocracoke which is off the coast of NC. It's a quiet little island that has great beaches and great pottery!

My husband the monkey! He can't resist a good climbing tree. This one was on the lighthouse grounds, and it's probably a good thing no one saw him. If I wasn't so pregnant, I would have wanted to climb it too!

Beach bums!

My sweet babes on the ferry ride back. On the ride back over we got to see 2 huge sea turtles, tons of jellyfish, a dolphin, and even a starfish swimming on top of the water.

I almost forgot my favorite part of the vacation! At Ocracoke, you can drive your cars on the beach. Even though they had 4 wheel drive, my brother got their car stuck! :) Which meant sadly, when my dad tried to get them out, we got stuck too. I made sure to document it all!


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