Friday, August 29

My diapers came in!

So, this third baby was a real surprise to us, right? Since this will be my last baby, I figured I'd better do everything I want to with this one. And one thing I've been wanting to try out was cloth diapering. I looked into it with my first and all I could find was diapering services and they cost a fortune! We just didn't have the start up funds for it. With the second one, my husband just wasn't keen on it, even though he doesn't remember it that way.

After talking with a girl at my church who cloth diapers, I was absolutely determined to use cloth with this little baby. I found these great one size diapers from Bum Genius. These diapers will grow with your baby so you only need one set of cloth diapers. They snap down for newborns and then adjust to bigger babies! How great is that! So, we bought the 12 pack to try out (free shipping and at a discount bulk price, love that), eventually if we love them I'll buy a 6 pack as well.

Now of course, these won't do me any good if they leak and fall apart. But all the reviews I've read make these out to be a great product. So once that sweet baby starts putting his tiny heiney in them, I'll let you know how they turn out!


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