Tuesday, August 19

Making me some pot holders

I was busy baking cookies with the kids today and realized that my pot holders were looking pretty shabby. So in between shifts at the oven I stitched up one and hope to make a couple more later today. (Luckily the kids were entertained with play dough while I sewed.)

Pot holders are so simple to make. Just cut two squares of fabric that will be big enough for you and two layers of batting to protect your hands. Then sandwich your pot holder like so: batting, batting, top piece right side up and then the bottom piece right side down. Stitch around, leaving a small opening for turning. Trim your corners and all the extra batting, turn, press and stitch closed. And then you have your basic pot holder.

I appliqu├ęd a little birdie to the front of mine and double top-stitched. The base fabric and the fabric for the bird came from my grandmother before she passed away. Now every time I do some cooking in the kitchen, I will think of her. :)
Arghh, I just realized when I uploaded the picture that I have a little "hiccup" as I call it on the second row of top stitching at the bottom corner. More than likely I was distracted by a child showing me there play dough creation. Those darn kids! :) Oh well, nothing in life is meant to be perfect.


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