Monday, July 21

My laundry room

We moved into our home back in February and have been slowly, very slowly, putting all the cosmetic touches to it. It was pretty much stuck in the 70s and not too pretty to look at it. My laundry room is not quite complete, but I think it's close. I still need to find two of the cabinet pulls which are lost somewhere in the oblivion of the garage. Plus, I really need something to cover the fuse box, which is just an eyesore.

I wanted this room to be super sweet, b/c I'm the only one who does laundry so I can make it as girly as I want. I painted the room a pale lavender color. The brown cabinets were painted white and I added crystal knobs to the doors. The curtains I created by cutting down some old dining room sheers and adding a fun magenta pompom fringe. The dark coat hooks were painted a magenta as well.

The best part was replacing the light fixture. I found an awesome online deal on a mini-chandelier. I knew I wouldn't put a mini chandelier in a bedroom or a bathroom because EVERYONE does that! But, who thinks to put one in the laundry room? Me, of course! And I love it!


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