Tuesday, July 15

Apple Pie Curtains

I'd been wanting to make some new curtains for my kitchen since forever, but I just hadn't found the right fabric. I finally decided I wanted some sweet green gingham curtains. The lime green gingham wasn't the easiest to find either! I call them Apple Pie Curtains, because they are as simple and sweet just like homemade apple pie. I love them. I'm particular about my curtains and I know exactly what I like and don't like. So many curtains these days are not my style, just to fancy and busy. These curtains are what I like, sweet and whimsical. I just wish my pictures did them justice.

I decided not to mess with a rod pocket or button holes and just used simple clips and a cafe rod to hang them up with. I added a white loopy trim to the bottom of the curtains.


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