Tuesday, June 30

All my free time has been spent hanging out in Washington with a little coven of vampires...

I am probably one of the last readers in America to finally have read the series. LOVED it! But, now that I'm done reading the saga, I have all sorts of time on my hands to sew.

Speaking of beasts, I finally finished my fireplace cover.

Well, almost finished it. I still need to quilt a couple of big circles over the second half. And yes, it's a different color than when I first began. I'm not one of those gifted seamstresses who have the ability to never make mistakes on a project. So I don't want to rehash all the trouble this thing caused me. Even still, after starting over, I'm not going to show a close up shot... Maybe one day soon, I can post a tutorial with how it should be done, which is really quite easy if you avoid all my mistakes.

Did you see the pretty flowers my husband gave me? It was a rough day in Mommyville yesterday, and he wanted me to smile. Just love him. I love that he picked out something I would have picked out myself. I prefer my flowers to be all the same, I don't care for many different types of flowers in one bunch. My fabric I love to mix and match, my flowers I love for them to stay with their own kind.

Sometimes simplicity is best.


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